MooseTV is a Canadian sitcom. It is also a Belgian music network. Thirdly, it is an American website that has yet to become popular. Launched in 2005, MooseTV was originally set up to host the mediocre comedy shorts of a couple of dumb kids from New Jersey. Today, those dumb kids are still at it, producing various podcasts and videos as though it actually matters to anyone.

Ivan Hahn (Monkey)

Jonathan Estis (Moose)

Monkey is a film student with a passion for films, filming, and film (like a thin coating of dew, or blood). In his spare time he likes digging into comic books, checking out the latest gadgets, and practicing the ancient art of photography. Follow more of his antics on his blog:

Moose is the guy from the "moose" part of MooseTV. He has a degree in Art History which is sort of like saying he doesn't have a degree at all. Hobbies include playing video games, eating oreos, and regretting past decisions. For more Moose, check out his rarely updated web comic at